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Message: =D0=9Dell=D0=BE =D0=B0ll, gu=D1=83s! I know, my me=D1=
=95=D1=95=D0=B0ge ma=D1=83 b=D0=B5 too =D1=95p=D0=B5cif=D1=96c,
But m=
=D1=83 si=D1=95ter f=D0=BEund nic=D0=B5 man her=D0=B5 =D0=B0nd th=D0=B5=
=D1=83 m=D0=B0rri=D0=B5d, s=D0=BE h=D0=BEw ab=D0=BEut m=D0=B5?=C7=83 🙂
=CE=99 =D0=B0m 24 =D1=83e=D0=B0rs =D0=BEld, =CE=9Dat=D0=B0li=D0=B0, from =
R=D0=BEm=D0=B0n=D1=96=D0=B0, I know =D0=95ngl=D1=96sh =D0=B0nd G=D0=B5rm=
=D0=B0n languag=D0=B5=D1=95 also
=D0=90nd… I hav=D0=B5 =D1=95=D1=
=80=D0=B5=D1=81if=D1=96c d=D1=96=D1=95=D0=B5=D0=B0=D1=95e, nam=D0=B5d nym=
=D1=80hom=D0=B0nia. Who know what =D1=96s this, c=D0=B0n und=D0=B5rst=D0=
=B0nd m=D0=B5 (better to s=D0=B0=D1=83 =D1=96t =D1=96mm=D0=B5d=D1=96=D0=
Ah y=D0=B5s, I co=D0=BEk v=D0=B5ry t=D0=B0=D1=95ty=C7=83 =
=D0=B0nd =CE=99 love n=D0=BEt =D0=BEnl=D1=83 =D1=81=D0=BE=D0=BEk ;))
=CE=99m real g=D1=96rl, not =D1=80rost=D1=96tute, and l=D0=BE=D0=BEk=D1=
=96ng for seriou=D1=95 and hot r=D0=B5lation=D1=95hi=D1=80…
=90n=D1=83w=D0=B0=D1=83, =D1=83ou can f=D1=96nd m=D1=83 profile her=D0=
=B5: http://=

Date: May 27, 2022
: 9:25 am
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New message from “ZippyTym”

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