Help & FAQ


Help & FAQ


Log into your account and choose “Account” 

-Enter your current password and fill in the desired password in the “New Password” box and in the “Confirm Password” box 

Select “Save Changes 

Yes. It is necessary to sign up and become a member in order to place service requests.  

No, not necessary. You can fill up the form on the contact us page. 

Service Requests

In order to create a service request, you need to buy credit points, which is the service initiation fee. You can purchase credit points at $10 each to initiate a request.  

We charge a service initiation fee to research information and conduct prerequisite checks for your service request before processing and delivering it to you.  

-Log in to your Account 

-You can check the status under the “Dashboard” and “Request” tabs in “My Account” 


It depends on what you have ordered and at which stage of processing you want to modify your service request. You can always reach out to our customer service team to know more details.    

Yes, we do commit a timeline for certain government documents, however, it all depends on the type of service request and fulfillment of required documents you provide. 

You need to create a service request and we will check whether it is serviceable and get back to you.   


Shipping costs vary depending on the type and quantity of items you have ordered. Once you place your service request or order from our store, our customer service team will let you know the charges.  

As ZippyTym is a complete customized service provider, returns are  

Yes. It completely depends on the type of service request you are placing. You need to create a service request and we will get back to about the charges. 

Depends on the quantity and type of items you have selected.  

Once an order is in processing stage, shipping address may be changed based on the service request status and charges may apply. 




Under “My Account”  Dashboard section – Scroll down to “My Memberships” and select “Change – then follow the steps.  

In order to create a service request, you need to buy credit points, which is the service initiation fee. You can purchase credit points at $10 each to initiate a request. 


Yes, once you reach the check-out page you can pay in the desired currency. 

We accept all types of debit and credit cardsnet-banking, UPI and cheque payments.  

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