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ZippyTym offers you a platform to brand and market your content to a global audience. No matter the size of your business, if you’re looking for more cost-effective channels to meet your advertising goals, ZippyTym may just be able to help you. 

Build brand-Awareness to a Global Audience

Our customer and partner network includes high net-worth individuals, corporates, entrepreneurs, expats, doctors, surgeons, lawyers and people from all walks of life who avail our services across the globe.  

Get Potential Customer Views

With display advertising you do not need an extravagant budget. Drive the right audiences to your business and generate potential leads. You pay a fixed amount depending on the type of advertising content you wish to promote.

Customized Advertising

You can design and create a banner ad campaign as per your goals, depending on the type of customization and targeting strategy you choose, your ad will be showcased to specific customers looking for the products or services you’re selling.  

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