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Hope you are doing well.

As per a recent study by MoneyControl t=
here is still 4-6% employees on bench not resulting in any productive gains=
for the IT Service organizations. Infact this directly hits the bottom lin=
e of the company.

My company, TalentOnLease, aims at increasing =
collaboration between various IT service providers and IT Customers for mut=
ual gains.

We constantly keep getting a number of projects from=
India as well as from overseas.

We are looking for credible pa=
rtners who can either take up the entire project or share their IT bench re=
sources for various client projects.

Many of our partners have t=
old us that they got hugely benefited by partnering with us. They were able=
to reap below benefits –

1. Improve Bench Utilization – Healthi=
er Bottom Line.

2. Improve Attrition Ratio – Saving on Hiring Co=

3. Acquire New Customers – Increased Top Line

uld it be possible for us to speak with you to explore the opportunity to p=
artner with your organization?

Neha HargavaMarketing Associate

Date: May 6, 2022
Time: 8:24 am
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New message from “ZippyTym”

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