How to Plan your Relocation 3 Months in Advance

How to Plan your Relocation 3 Months in Advance

So, you’ve decided to relocate. Be it for a replacement job, a clean slate , or simply for aadventure across town, the state or the world, moving may be a good way to begin change in your life. 

But, before you begin assembling boxes, folding clothes, and bubble wrapping your most prized possessions, there are a couple of key steps—some financial and a few practical—you might want to consider to make sure a it is a seamless transition. Here’s a moving checklist which may assist to move to your new home with relative ease. 

3 Months to go  

Decide a date to move: Assuming you have already got your new place on lock, and assuming you’ve got already discussed the move together with your current landlord or have sold your current home, what you need tdecide upon is a date to move. It is best to choose weekdays, especially mornings as moving companies might offer better rates during the week because they aren’t as busy. 

Pick a mover: Once you’ve picked the day it’s time to select the mover. You still have enough time to pick a good one, inspect the reviews online, and go with your gut on who you think will take the best care of your belongings. Look for a reliable mover who is inexpensive. If you’re moving internationally, it is better to consider relocation and moving service companies. 

Create a budget: For your budget, you might want to think about the cost of movers, transportation cost, repairs for the new place and any additional items you would like to shop for yourself or your new place. 

Inform the important people in your life: Now could be the time to share the news of your relocation. Yes, tell your family and friends, but also tell other important people about your departure plans. That way, they can have adequate time to spend with you.  

1 Month to go 

Organising all your stuff: You would possibly want to  go through every item of your current home you own. Grab 2 pages from your notepad. On one page you can list down items you want to keep and the other list is for the items you need to give away or donate. Now take two different colours of sticky notepads and start sticking the colours as per you list of – “To Keep” and “Not to keep.” Every single item should get a sticky note. 

Sell or donate items: Rather than discarding the items you don’t want; try selling them online. After all, your trash could certainly be another man’s treasure. In this manner you’ll have some money in your pocket to spend on buying new things for your new home. If items are not in good condition, you can donate them.  

Cancel existing subscriptions: If you enrolled to a gymnasium, cable operator, home delivery service or have other subscriptions. Now is the time to cancel them. 

weeks to 1 week before moving 

Collect storage boxes: Another way to save money is to collect boxes to store and pack few of your things. You can check with local cafes, grocery shops, restaurants or friends for boxes.  

Buy packaging supplies: Having planned your relocation 3 months in advance, you can buy packaging material such as heavy-duty packing tape, a marker for labelling things, some old sheets to wrap up few items and bubble wrap for fragile items 

Time to start packing: Once you have collected all items required for packing, you can start by packing the items you don’t need at hand. Just skip the essentials. 

Create a folder of important documents: Have a folder ready for all your important documents so you can find everything in one place when you need it.  

Bid farewell to all: Invite your loved ones for a meal to your house, order some good food, some wine and celebrate the memories this home has provided you.   


How to Plan your Relocation 3 Months in Advance
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