7 Reasons Why You Should Consider Property Management Services

7 Reasons Why You Should Consider Property Management Services

Let’s be honest. We can’t do everything, we don’t know everything and even if we try, the results don’t often add up.  

Although, you may have put your heart and soul into thorough research about investing in property, managing it on your own or relying on friends and family invites complications in relationships 

An ideal situation for a landlord would be rent on the 1st of every month, no complaints from and about tenants, paperwork is done on time, your property is in good hands and being looked after well. But what happens when it is a rainy day?  Tenants calling and complaining about leakages, carpentry work, refusing to pay rent and other problems. Instead of dealing with all this on your own, why not hire professionals who will ensure everything is struck off your property list.  

Here are 7 reasons why a property manager is good for you:

Do more with your time

Whether you’re a seasoned investor, working professional or someone who has just starting investing in real estate, we have got to admit that we’re all busy.  Managing your property without professional help these days is time-consuming and stressful, especially when you’re not in town or live abroad. Property management services give you breathing room to focus on other important activities or tasks.   

Tenant screening

There have always been good tenants and some who are not so good. With property management services, you can be rest assured that tenants fit the bill in every way. A property manager can even help evict a bad tenant, but why face that hassle when the initial screening and verification has been done well. Sure, you could work with real-estate brokers, but their services are limited to finding a tenant and doing the paperwork, what after that? 

Maintenance and repair work

Property management services offer help with maintenance and repairs to ensure your home is being looked after on your behalf. They provide end-to-end services related to your property maintenance such as plumbing, cleaning, gardening, electrical repairs, tenant/society complaints, paying bills etc. Property visit and inspection can also be offered if the property has been kept vacant.  

Agreements and other paperwork

Right from getting the property rental-ready, shortlisting tenants, background checks, finalising the deal, preparing agreements, notarizing and attestation, keeping a track of all utility/rent bills, helping with repair & maintenance – a property manager is that reliable friend you can trust your home with.  

Increase property value

A property manager is in the real estate industry and in order to excel at a job like this, you should be able to win the trust of people and be known for it. They know how, when and where to advertise. They will fetch you the rent that is the right market value for your property.  

No delayed rent payments

Say goodbye to inconvenience and delayed rents! A property manager will ensure that expectations about rent payment timelines are made clear before the tenants sign the rental agreement and moreover, they ensure complete legal compliance to safeguard you from any legal matters related to tenants.  

Reduce stress and save money

With all of the points mentioned above, you can be worry-free about your far away home. Working with a property manager vs a real estate broker will also save you a lot of money as you get to decide what type of property management services you wish to enrol for. There are several options to choose from, you can pick the whole package or customize it to suit your needs.  

So, property management services do make our lives a lot easier. If you are feeling overwhelmed and worried about managing your property, let ZippyTym take some load off your back and see how we can help you. Request a Service 


7 Reasons Why You Should Consider Property Management Services
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